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Project Background

Historic rendering of early Martin's Point Bridge.
Historic rendering of early Martin's Point Bridge.

The Martin's Point Bridge replacement project includes the design and construction of a replacement bridge on US Route 1 crossing over the Presumpscot River between Portland and Falmouth, Maine. The project Owner is the Maine Department of Transportation, the Design-Builder and Contractor is CPM Constructors of Freeport, Maine and the designer is VHB-Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

The existing bridge, constructed in 1943, is 1400' long and consist of 46 spans. It is 44' wide from curb to curb with one lane in each direction and a painted island down the center of the bridge. There is a 6' sidewalk on the east side of the bridge with one recreational platform near the Portland end. Repairs and maintenance of the bridge have been ongoing since it was built and the bridge underwent significant rehabilitation in 1991 that included replacement of the lift navigation span with a fixed span. The existing navigation span is 65' clear channel and 13' at mean high tide.

The new bridge will be constructed roughly parallel to the existing bridge and just to the east (downstream). The new structure will have the same overall hydraulic opening, with a total length of 1285' with 10 spans. Each of the 9 piers will be supported by 6 concrete filled steel piles. The superstructure will consist of five lines of 6' deep precast, prestressed New England Bulb Tee (NEBT) concrete beams, a concrete deck using stay-in-place precast concrete forms, and a bituminous concrete wearing surface.

The overall bridge width for traffic will be 34 feet consisting of one 12' lane and 5' shoulder in each direction. A 5' wide concrete sidewalk will be built on the west (upstream) side of the bridge and a lighted 10'-6" concrete multiuse path separated from traffic will be constructed on the east side. Two recreational platforms extending over the Presumpscot River/Casco Bay are proposed on the east side of the bridge flanking the navigational span near the Portland end of the bridge.

Roadway approaches to the new bridge will be built in Portland and Falmouth tying into the existing approaches on Route 1. The Portland approach roadway is about 750' long and begins at the south (main) entrance to the Martin's Point Health Care Center (MPHC). The approach avoids impacting the MPHC property. The 10'-6" multiuse path will extend from the bridge to the north MPHC entrance. The Portland approach also connects the existing sidewalk on the west side of Route 1 to the proposed 5' sidewalk on the west side of the bridge. The Falmouth approach is about 800' long and begins just north of Bay Shore Drive. The 10'-6" multiuse path and 5' sidewalk extend from the bridge to Bay Shore Drive.

The proposed cost of this project is $23.5 million. Design is ongoing with construction commencing in the Fall of 2012 and will be completed by the end of 2014.